Allert System

With a vision to “Create a Fire Safe world,” Basic Elements has successfully innovated one-of-its-kind Early warning fire safety communication device – ALLERT.

In order to adhere the Statutory Compliance policies, we install several fire safety systems at our site. But what if they fail to work when required? How can one identify or track the health of the Fire Safety System installed at the site? Allert is the answer for you, it acts as a tracker for the Fire Safety Systems reducing the Risk velocity at any given time.

What is Allert:

Allert helps to track the pressure and temperature levels of all the installed Fire safety systems. In case of any deviation in the required pressure and temperature levels, the device intimates 4 important stakeholders through SMS and Voice Calls. One can also check the status on the Dashboard and monitor multiple sites with ease. Allert works as an effective Incident index for any Industry, Commercial and residential buildings etc.,

With Allert, crucial information about the status of the Fire Protection systems of your premises is always at your fingertips. During an emergency, the information is communicated to your communication media viz. “SMS in 5 seconds followed by a phone call within 15 seconds” and can also be monitored real-time on your browser.

How is Allert helpful?

Being a first-of-its-kind Green Product and personalized fire safety monitoring device Allert helps in

  • Reducing the Risk velocity, thereby saving the loss of any critical components.

  • Reducing the Persistence of the Impact, that is the downtime of the company or also called the “Headline effect”.

  • Increasing the resilience of the company in responding to a critical fire accident or a catastrophic event.

  • Reducing the risk of litigation.

  • Helps in Business Continuity by reducing the downtime.

  • Saves Life and Property.

  • Adherence to Pipeline integrity.

  • Increases the overall Operational Excellence.

  • Contributes to reducing the Carbon footprint.

Increases Resilience Compliance.

When an emergency strikes, swift retort to the situation with appropriate the fire safety devices save lives and properties. Be alert with Allert installed at your site, safety is in your hands.






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