Fire Alarm System

Fire Detection System in India or Fire Alarm Systems (FAS) is an early warning system designed for industrial or residential spaces. A Fire Alarm System is a passive system, means it does not stop the fire from spreading.

The main function of a Fire Alarm System is to give an early warning, that the fire has taken place in the factory or residential complex. This means that, the people in proximity to that area have an early warning to evacuate the building. However the fire will continue to burn, unless if an active system like Fire Hydrant System or Fire Sprinkler System is engaged. The second function of the Fire Alarm System is to, alert the responsible authorities. Here the authorities may be the local Fire Department or the Emergency Action team.

Eminently advanced systems which can be installed in flame proof environment, also are intrinsically safe and explosion proof; provided as solution to our clients. Hooting system evolved keeping in view the visual/auditory enabled to warn employees/personnel to enhance their safety. There are two types of Fire Alarm Systems, based on the detection of location of fire:

  1. Addressable Fire Alarm System
  2. Conventional Fire Alarm System

Addressable Fire Alarm System:

Addressable Fire Alarm Systems are also called Smart Fire Alarm Systems. This is because along with detection of fire they provide the location of the fire. When the fire spreads the FAS, alert accordingly. In addition they may provide an array of other specific services. Up to 250 devices may be connected, to the main control panel of the Fire Alarm System.

Non-Addressable Fire Alarm System:

Non-Addressable Fire Alarm Systems are simple FAS. Their primary function is to alert the occupants that a fire has taken place. Insert component pictures and single line specification/description.






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